Get Talking House Working For You...and Get Results Fast!

  • Helps sell your home quickly and easily, for top dollar. 
  • Radio broadcast of features encourages prospects to listen to your home's most attractive features from the comfort of their car.
  • Never sleeps. . .works 24 hours a day for maximum sales potential. 
  • won't even notice it's there.


        It's so simple you won't believe it. TALKING HOUSE is a mini radio station that broadcasts a prerecorded message about your home. Prospects simply drive up, tune their car radio to the station listed on the TALKING HOUSE yard sign, and listen to your home's special features and benefits. It won't cause any interference with area TV or radio. Fully F.C.C. approved. It's the state-of-the-art in selling homes. 

Helps Sell Your Home Quickly And At Your Price! 

        TALKING HOUSE brings your home and all its special features to life like no newspaper can. Makes your home stand out from the crowd in the minds of potential home buyers. Helps screen out the curious lookers . . . helps pre-sell the serious prospects. 

Serious Buyers Give TALKING HOUSE Listings Top Priority.  
        Why? Because it's so easy and convenient to review a home with a TALKING HOUSE message. And that can often make the difference between a quick sale, and a long, costly wait. It puts yours at the top of the list of homes to be viewed when new prospects come into an area. 


Drive-by Prospects become buyers
with Talking House!

        The TALKING HOUSE Transmitter is about the size of an answering machine. It just plugs in any outlet. A continuous message recording broadcasts your home's features 24 hours a day, on a pre-selected radio frequency. You'll only know it's there from all the cars parked out front, tuned in!