Finding the right home calls for strong understanding and great resources.

We will use all of the resources at our disposal to find the home you want.
To start, let's make sure we have a clear picture of your needs.
The more we know about what you want, the easier it is for us to help you find the right home.

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Many factors affect the price that sellers ask for their houses.

Physical characteristics of the house, such as:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Size of house and lot
  • Physical condition
  • Floor plan and architectural style


  • Number of similar houses available
  • Their prices, financing terms, location, physical condition and length of time on the market

Market conditions, including:

  • Interest rates and availability of financing
  • Qualified buyer demand
  • Prices of recently sold comparable properties
  • State of the economy
  • Seasonal demand

Asking price also may be affected by:

  • Seller's motivation and urgency to sell
  • Seller's original purchase price
  • Seller's cash needs from the sale
  • Opinions of others as to the property's worth


Comparative data will help you decide whether the home you like is worth the price.

As your buyer agent, we will prepare a Competitive Market Analysis that will show you the recent selling prices of comparable homes in areas similar to the one where you're considering buying.
This information will help you decide for yourself whether the home you like delivers good value for your money.

If it's listed through the Multiple Listing Service, we can show it to you.

Our office offers area-wide multiple listing information that shows thousands of broker-listed home for sale, regardless of the seller's agent.
This comprehensive source lets you "visit" many homes online or on paper and select those that most interest you.
We'll recommend and show you the multiple-listed homes that meet your criteria.

Homes you see listed in newspapers and home buyers' guidebooks are available right here.

Ask us about homes you see or read about in the papers, regardless of the listing agent named in the ad.
We will provide you with detailed information about the homes, and take you to see the ones that interest you.

A yard sign or open house can let you know a home is available, but we can tell you if it's worthwhile.

We can arrange a private walk-through of virtually any home displaying an "Open House" or "For Sale" yard sign.
Never disturb the resident by ringing the doorbell to tour the home.  You never know what you'll find inside.
If a home with a "For Sale" sign looks appealing, we will arrange to show it to you.
When visiting an open house on your own, give the salesperson our card and tell them that we are your agent.

We will show you homes that meet the criteria you have selected.

We will tour homes that are potentially right for you, based on our knowledge of the real estate market and understanding of your home buying needs.
As a buyer's agent, we will share our evaluation of the positive and negative features of the homes we see, including factors that may affect their value and future resale.
Your feedback will be crucial in helping to fine-tune the search process until we find the right home for you.

To have true negotiating power, you will want to be pre-approved for a mortgage.

Being pre-approved greatly improves your negotiating position.
Sellers and their agents know that a pre-approved buyer is serious and may be prepared to close on property more quickly.
By speaking now with a mortgage specialist from one of our preferred lenders, you'll have a loan decision well in advance of making an offer.

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